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Located in the heart of Venice near Campo San Polo, in a beautiful fourteenth century courtyard, Beatrice Burati Anderson Art Space & Gallery opened on May, the 10th 2017 by the will of Beatrice Burati Anderson, art historian and curator, with the collective exhibition “Et in Terra” and the performance “Earth Exchange” by Gianfranco Baruchello. The 200 sqms space, definitely not a white cube, is situated in an ancient warehouse with two water gates on the Rio de la Madoneta, just 30 metres far from the Grand Canal: a place which maintains intact all the charme and the traces of the past. Despite standing on one of the most frequented touristic paths in the city, the one that leads from Piazzale Roma to Rialto, the Gallery represents an unexpected, enchanting and hidden oasis of peace and silence. It is a research space that works with Italian and international artists of different generations and cultures, enhancing the performative and installative dimension. While maintaining a close relationship with the territory, the Gallery strongly promotes  the development of ethical issues and the connection between arts and science. 

Upcoming exhibition


23/10/2021 - 27/11/2021

SPRING BOX #01 is the pilot episode, curated by Margherita Morgantin, which inaugurates a new exhibition line of the gallery, specifically dedicated to emerging artists. Izabela Bardhoshi and Tatiana Stropkaiová graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of L’Aquila. Within the exhibition path, their research is united by the almost total absence of images: both artists work on sound, air, the substances of nature, writing and voice. They are part of the WRG collective, which was formed in the context of the Academy of Fine Arts of L'Aquila and is consolidating and evolving elsewhere. Within the exhibition, Margherita Morgantin's contribution is not limited to curating. While Ca’ Pesaro dedicates her the solo exhibition DAMA LIBRE (25 September - 7 November, 2021), on the occasion of the acquisition of VIP = Violation of the Pauli exclusion principle SOTTO LA MONTAGNA, SOPRA LA MONTAGNA, the artist presents COSMIC SILENCE 3, Fluorescence 2 in the new Beatrice Burati Anderson’s gallery, two steps away from Campo San Polo.The work is part of COSMIC SILENCE (Fluorescence) installative and performative project, which took place at the Serralves Museu de Arte Contemporanea in Porto in the context of O Museu como Performance. In turn, COSMIC SILENCE sinks its roots within VIP, the research project produced by Xing and realized thanks to the support of the Italian Council 2020, in which Morgantin explores the relationship between subnuclear and astroparticle physics, artistic imagination and personal sensitivity.

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