- Francesco Candeloro

Francesco Candeloro was born in 1974 in Venice, city where he studied and graduated from the Fine Arts Academy and in which he currently lives and works.
The artist places at the core of his very personal research the dimensions of light and colour, sign and shape, proportion, rhythm and movement and uses them as keys to deepen spatial and temporal dynamics. For Candeloro “art is a vision of the time”, vision which he translates through the transparencies of the coloured plexiglass, his elective and most congenial material, employed for the realization of the various types of artworks of his articulated production. In all of them the natural or artificial light constitutes an essential component and, by passing through the translucent surfaces, casts coloured and changing shadows in the surrounding space. The preferred subjects of this artistic investigation are cities, landscapes and portraits, to create a universe of “multiple and multiplied visions ” and reproduce the inner essence of the continuous flow of the real. Francesco Candeloro has exhibited internationally in numerous solo and collective exhibitions and installations in architectural and landscape contexts; his works are part of important private and public collections.



Linee insieme / Lines together - HOPE!

Speranza / Hope - HOPE!

momenti diversi del nostro tempo / different moments of our time - HOPE!


Senza Tempo (Timeless) - Et in Terra