On the occasion of the 60th edition of the International Venice Art Biennale’s preview, Beatrice Burati Anderson is delighted to present the first step of her new project, which is meant to be unfolded during the all length of this Biennale’s duration.

Under the title of ARS IN HERBIS, the project develops, both in a philosophical and poetic way, the alchemical theme of transformation, seen through the art of herbariums. ARS IN HERBIS is dedicated to Eliseo Burati (1924-1986), a prominent figure of researcher, pharmacist, herbalist, humanist and alchemist, and a pioneer on natural therapies since the Fifties. Part of his personal herbarium will be displayed in this exhibition on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of his birth.

Several artists and art techniques will be exhibited in the charming spaces of both galleries’ venues during the next months, following the development of a five-step journey into the different states of matter and existence.

The first step EMANATIO, evokes the subtle, mysterious emanation which constitutes the “aura” of the material form and even survives it for a while.

IMPRESSIO has to do with both a photographic medium and the feeling (probably vehiculated by light) that we have of every living creature.

DISSOLUTIO is the prelude to abstraction, where the shape crumbles and it is then recomposed following logics other than literal ones.

DISTILLATIO is the art of extracting the very essence, and refers to an alchemical procedure and to poetry as well.

INCARNATIO closes the circle bringing us back to form, with all its enchanting and explosive multiplicity of shapes, colors, dimensions and sensorial wonder.

Perfect expression of EMANATIO, ANDREA FOGLI’s work on show, ERBARIO PLANETARIO, is a series of drawing realised with blue pastel powder. It is a kind of “celestial prints” made by the artist using real plants he gathered since 2017, during different walks in natural places particularly meaningful, like Monte Verità, the Fondazione Baruchello, Piantagione Paradise, Cazalla de la Sierra, Oberammergau or Norcia, allowing us to connect with the more subtle essence of both plants and their places of origin.


Press Release ARS IN HERBIS


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