- Emilio Fantin

Emilio Fantin sets the conditions for a dialectical confrontation between different knowledges. He creates spaces and situations in which he invites people to share the non-geographical area of sleep and dreaming, an area in which intense dynamics of exchange are generated, in search of those special and hidden ties that animate the life of a community. Fantin extends his investigation to coma, a condition where the presence of a diffuse and impersonal consciousness seems to echo most. The latter, which conforms into different states generating continuous epiphanies, is at the heart of his poetics. Closely linked to the theme of consciousness is that of imagination, which he deepens through practices of interior improvisation, which reverberate in the idea of an aesthetics of the unperceivable. Of his artistic research, Emilio Fantin pays particular attention to the pedagogical aspect; he pays great attention to the dialogue that is expressed as the Art of Conversation and to the concept of Invisible Community, where the poetic and evocative aspects of social living become everyday practice. In addition to various seminars and workshops in international art institutions and museums, he held a workshop on art and architecture in public spaces at the Politecnico di Milano (2005-2015}.