- Do you know what I mean?

In the context of Homo Faber In Città 2022, Beatrice Burati Anderson Art Space & Gallery is pleased to announce the exhibition “Do you know what I mean?”, a project that focuses on a selection of glass works by five artists. They are Venetians or Venice based artists, all of them have a deep relationship with the glass masters they have been working with in Murano for many years, as maestri Andrea Zilio, Giorgio Giuman and Berengo Studio. In the exhibition path the glass artworks are conceived as points of departure to go backwards to the creation process. The works will be surrounded by videos of the glass masters at work, in order to reflect about the subtle relationship between them and the artists. Examining this deeply poetic, although very pragmatic process we wish to discover and highlight what occurs between artist and artisan when it comes to give form to the Idea. Which words does the artist use to explain what he wants? What is the very personal contribution of the artisan to the realization of the works? The questions are many more than these and the purpose of our exhibition is to let the public dive in this exploration. To do so, we propose not only videos of the making, but also live talks in the Gallery between artists and artisans. 


Emergency -

China Mountain Clear -

I think I can see more distinctly through rain -



Andrew Huston

Andrew Huston, born in the United Kingdom, is an American/Australian /British
artist. After 20 years in New York where he had a studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, he moved to Venice, Italy in June 2017 where he lives and works. Huston completed his bachelors’ degree at Parson School of Design in Paris, France and achieved his Masters in painting at Sydney College of Art in Sydney Australia.

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Anita Sieff

Her investigation is on love as feeling to be discovered, as motivation to act and as the understanding of the implication which drives humanity in its process towards awareness. It is the going beyond the self to encounter the other, that creates relationship. The relationship is therefore seen as a common space, a kind of laboratory  where, without loosing our identity, we aspire to communion.

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Assia Karaguiozova

Assia Karaguiozova, designer artist.
Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, in 1978. She studied Economics and Commerce in Milan.She works in fashion, dealing with communication and organizing shooting for publishing and advertising, collaborating with world-renowned photographers.

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Nataliya Chernakova

Chernakova’s multifaceted practice draws parallels between pre-historic, Renaissance, contemporary and post-Internet culture and its cult objects. The connections she draws are based in research on art forms as tools for manipulation of the crowd, the evolution of perception and the border between kitsch and fine arts.

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Tristano di Robilant

Tristano di Robilant, born in London in 1964, grew up in Italy and England. He graduated from the University of California at Santa Cruz, where he was influenced by the lectures of the architectural historian and critic Reyner Banham (1922 –1988). Tristano’s first solo exhibition was at the Holly Solomon Gallery in New York. He later collaborated with curator and gallerist Lance Fung on a series of glass sculptures entitled Domestic Temples, now part of the Sol LeWitt Collection. Invited by Giorgio Guglielmino to Calcutta, Tristano travelled repeatedly to Bengal to work on a series of silkscreens in collaboration with Pria Lall. Tristano has exhibited extensively both in Europe and in the United States, including at Annina Nosei’s gallery and the National Exemplar gallery in New York, Galleria Bonomo and Paolo Curti in Italy.

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