- Art Night Venezia 2021

On Saturday, 2 October 2021, on the occasion of Art Night Venezia, Beatrice Burati Anderson Art Space & Gallery opens the doors of the suggestive gallery in Calle de la Madonna proposing, from 8.30 pm to 10.30 pm, a special event of art and poetry (click here to read the poems).

The new venetian space, which adds to the beautiful Art Space in Corte Petriana and rises two steps away from Campo San Polo, currently hosts the bi-personal exhibition My Fragility, My Strength. The encounter between the two artists, Nataliya Chernakova (Ekaterinburg, 1990) and Marta Sforni (Milan, 1966), is articulated around a reflection on sensuality, attraction and the crystallized delicacy of nature. All these themes come together within an exhibition path where glass, whether painted, blown or evoked, becomes a precious metaphor of strength and fragility.
Fragility is also the fil rouge connecting the poems which, during the event, will be declaimed, each in its original language, by the actress and playwright Caroline Pagani. As a visual background to the poetry reading some images of Giorgio Giuman’s furnace in Murano, where the glass artworks were realized, will be projected through the gallery’s water gate.