- HOPE 2020

HOPE 2020


Anita Sieff


April 2020, during the lockdown




HOPE 2020 The discomfort I was aware of, the constant damping down of my yarning is simply fear Fear to cross new territories, to discover new dimensions. I am embarrassed while intersecting the gaze of the man seated in front of me, his gaze is on my lips…. the dread implied by fear is the mystery which lies behind it. I thought to have found out an important aspect…and what if behind the unknown was just beauty, fascination, freedom? I engage myself to sustain the gaze he is provoking me to manage We have to forgive ourselves, I'm thinking , our inability to understand each other, and reconcile with ourselves often convicted by our own relentless severity … These gazes actualize as entities we eventually interact with .. and perhaps also with others so often criticized for their week points, in the meantime I try to elaborate on different levels my perceptual reactions a reconciliation with the Earth, with our body, to the complexity of stimulation without loosing control reconcile the opposites and the power to do it is Love as cohesive principle … certain that in such game I ‘ m not 'the only player ...