On Wednesday 22 February, the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art presents the catalog of shows Ciriaco Campus. Paesaggio 51,with a conversation with a multidisciplinary slant to the presence of the artist.

The exhibition displays the most recent works by Ciriaco Campus in the spaces of the Gallery’s Gipsoteca, in a impressive dialogue with the white plaster sculptures of the museum collection: large unpublished canvases, dense and wrinkled surfaces, gray and black, worked directly with the hands, on which ash thickens and debris, traces of a catastrophe that seems to have consumed every trace of biological life and human presence. As artifacts left too long exposed to the weather, or as traces charred by a fire that has dissolved all recognizable forms, the paintings of Ciriaco Campus they materialize the condition of a by now uninhabitable terrestrial landscape, perhaps deserted and sterile effect of an environmental catastrophe, perhaps of a nuclear war that has annihilated mankind.

The investigation into the contradictions of the world has always been at the center of the artistic research of Ciriaco Campus contemporary and the exploration of the ambivalent position of the artist, called to testify and together to participate in the events of their time. In this sense, a multifaceted work follows which in the course of now four decades has touched multiple limits and possibilities from time to time expressive forms, from painting to photography, from drawing to video, often appropriating images extracted from the incessant flow of the media. The presentation of the catalog will be an opportunity to deepen the work of Campus and the dynamics of this personal confrontation with current events in relation to his artistic production.

The catalogue, created thanks to Beatrice Burati Anderson Art Space & Gallery, contains a text by Stefano Chiodi and a conversation between the artist and Stefano Chiodi and Damiana Leoni.