Elle Decor
November 5th, 2021

by Elisabetta Donati De Conti

Beatrice Burati Anderson’s stand is minimal: there are two windsocks, one of which in damask, a small projector and some aluminum boxes that contain A4 sheets with some birth charts drawn. These are the works of Margherita Morgantin, a conceptual artist who works on the border between science, philosophy and spirituality and who has mixed all of these aspects in a year and a half research – also contained in the book published by Nottetempo “Sotto la Montagna Sopra la Montagna” . Morgantin spent a lot of time in the nuclear physics laboratories below the Gran Sasso, while at the top she realized a wind speed measurement performance. In her intent of restoring the content, under the mountain the scientific research at a certain point is unlocked and reveals the value of the unknown, while above is the more spiritual and magical dimension in which the windsocks make visible something that is not visible, recording the energy of the air.