- Arianna Moroder

Arianna Moroder (1985) is a textile designer and artist living and working in Tuscany.

During her studies in Milan, Amsterdam and Berlin, she focuses on the relation between crafts and industry and building a very vast set of manual skills, while at the same time growing her body of work and taking part in various exhibitions in galleries, museums and various events. In 2011 she is selected by Fondazione Ratti, to attend a special edition of their training course focused specifically on textiles.

After she returns to Milan, to work as textile designer in the R&D department of the prestigious company Mantero Seta while continuing her artistic practice privately.

Since 2016 she is the co-founder and creative director of Lottozero/textile laboratories, an independent research space for art, design and textile culture based in Prato, Tuscany.

She keeps developing her personal work in form of soft sculptures or installations, which center around the textile matter and its many connotations.

Arianna Moroder’s work is a stratification of levels, an open game that insinuates itself within a chain of thoughts, bringing first one side to the fore, then another.