In occasion of the 58th Venice Biennale Beatrice Burati Anderson Art Space & Gallery is pleased to present, in its venue in Corte Petriana (San Polo 1448) in Venice, a show dedicated to Giovanni Rizzoli’s work: VENEZIA, curated by Bruno Corà and Beatrice Burati Anderson.

After 20 years from his participation in the 48th Venice Biennale in the exhibition dAPERTuttO, curated by Harald Szeemann (1999), Giovanni Rizzoli, a leading representative artist who belongs to the 90s artistic generation in Europe, returns to the lagoon with a show about Venice, a theme both loved and feared by artists. The exhibition VENEZIA illustrates the continuous dialogue between the artist and his own hometown.

Creator of forms through material elements belonging to the essence of Venice, and through the use of transcendent dimensions, the iconographic universe of Giovanni Rizzoli realizes sculptures, paintings and drawings presenting a vision of Venice both personal and universal, hidden and cliché, loved and suffered, but always present in the creative path of the artist’s work, that is able to sublimate the most intimate experiences of his own being.

Giovanni Rizzoli’s way of expression creates an artistic language that is aesthetical, scientific, religious and poetic. In this show the city of Venice seems to turn into a metaphor of his investigation concerning the time-space of infinity and eternity, of life and death, dimensions evocated by the artist through works that are both enigmatic as strongly defined. His poetic brings together opposite forms of expression, achieving both abstract and realistic and morbid elements and showing a vision of Venice through images that are more emotional than descriptive.

Giovanni Rizzoli’s Venice presents itself in a deeper and meaningful essence, impossible to be reduced to a simple physical place: as in the case of VENEZIA, artwork created between 1997 and 2011, that with a summa of evident and poetic elements, acquires and emanates a deep metaphysical dimension.


Preview 7- 9 May 2019. Opening hours: 10:00-18:00

Opening with the presence of the artist 10 May 2019 at 12pm

Exhibition dates: 7 May – 1 August 2019.

Opening hours from 11 May 2019: 10am – 1pm and 3pm – 6pm


Venetian sunset -

Enchantment -

Untitled, trunk -

Melancholic man under the magic tree -

Infiniti, infiniti -

Giovanna and I -

Mediterranean Sea painting -

Mediterranean Sea painting -

Venezia -

Forme uniche di continuità nello spazio (forcola) -

The last rope of the Serenissima -

Nero di gondola, pittura come madeleine, vaso provvisorio infinito -

Mediterranean Sea painting -

Mediterranean Sea painting -

Mediterranea Sea painting -

Giovanna Tissi -

Nest Souvenir -

Mediterranean Sea painting -

Black clown -

Clessidra (Hourglass) -

Vaso provvisorio (Temporary vase) -


Giovanni Rizzoli

Born in Venice in 1963, he took the Sotheby’s Works of Art Course, London, in 1984 – 1985, attended contemporarily the Architectural Association and the City and Guild in London, between 1985 and 1987.
He has attended a course of the traditional Japanese painting in New York.
After that he has graduated in Art History at the Università Ca’ Foscari in Venice, in 1991.
He lives and works in Milan. He has been visiting scholar at the New York University in New York and Venice.

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