- Ilaria Abbiento

Ilaria Abbiento is an artist who lives and works in Naples. She was a student of Antonio Biasiucci by embarking on an author photography process with the Lab \ per un laboratorio irregolare. She has exhibited in various contemporary art galleries such as Al Blu di Prussia in Naples, Le Quadrilatère in Beauvais in France, L’Art Pur Gallery in Riyadh and Hafez Gallery in Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, the Modern Art Gallery in Catania, and in museums such as the Macro Museum in Rome, the Madre Museum and the Villa Pignatelli Museum in Naples. Her works are part of some art collections such as Imago Mundi Art, the Archive of the Malerba Fund for photography, the Mediterraneum Collection, and the Vallicelliana Library in Rome. She has participated in various artist residences including BoCs Art in Cosenza, The Photosolstice at Asinara in Sardinia and Plaza Art Residency on the island of Capraia in Tuscany. She has won several awards including, recently, an artist residence in Corsica with the Photolux Festival of Lucca in collaboration with the Center Méditerranéen de la Photographie in Bastia. She is represented by Beatrice Burati Anderson Art Space & Gallery since 2019. Her artistic research focuses on the theme of the landscape, the sea and the Mediterranean to which she has dedicated several artworks over time.   Ilaria Abbiento is a visual artist who works with photography, installation and video to build poetic narratives that investigate her inner landscape and her memories. Starting from a deep search of the self, she explores the places of memory creating ideal geographies and images of cartographies of thought often studded with material elements, traces and tangible signs of her research, gathered in the atlas of her path, become indispensable elements for her works, together with the poetic and literary texts of which her work is constantly nourished. Her photographic images, colored with soft colors, evoke the temporal suspension and give back the vision of a lyrical gaze on the external world. Practice art as an essential cure to immerse herself in her inner ocean and melt the tangles of its core. For some years she has dedicated his artistic research to the theme of the sea, fluid matter rich in memory, constant element of many of her artistic works that observe its shape, change and temperature in which she is continually lost to find herself.



Correnti gravitazionali

Cartografia del mare

an Island floats in the ocean. but the sea has no border. - HOPE!

Quaderno di un’isola / Notebook of an Island - HOPE!

imaginary island - HOPE!