- Ciriaco Campus

Ciriaco Campus was born in Bitti (Nuoro) in 1951. He graduated in Sculpture at the Brera Academy in 1976. His research is characterized in the 80s by the strong affirmative presence of matter, represented in the double role of its “being there”, in its immanence and its reference to “thinking about itself” in a symbolic key. Since the nineties, Campus’s work has been fully defined around social themes, seriality, staging, true / false, using communication devices. Among the most significant exhibitions held in public spaces since 2000: Rome – current Macro Municipal Gallery, Castel Sant’Angelo, Palazzo Venezia and the National Gallery of Modern Art. Royal Palace of Naples, LIV Venice Biennale. Among others, the following have written about his work: Alberto Abruzzese, Father Ernesto Balducci, Paolo Balmas, Massimo Bignardi, Lorenzo Canova, Antonio Caronia, Claudio Cerritelli, Mario Costa, Enrico Crispolti, Raffaele Gavarro, Simonetta Lux, Gianluca Marziani, Marco Meneguzzo, Domenico Nardone, Isabella Pezzini, Francesco Poli, Ludovico Pratesi, Leonardo Romei, Franco Speroni, Elena Tavani, Antonello Tolve, Luisa Valeriani, Angela Vettese. He taught sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts of L ‘Aquila, Milan, Sassari, Naples, Rome. He lives and works in Rome.